The manufacturer GREEN WALLBOX Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, 30-551 Kraków, ul. Limanowskiego 3/24, provides a quality guarantee for the car chargers (Wallbox) it sells.


GREEN WALLBOX Ltd. provides free shipment of the device (door - to - door) during the warranty period for repair.


GREEN WALLBOX Ltd. provides after the warranty period the possibility of repair against payment and shipment of the device (door - to - door).


In order to facilitate the exercise of warranty rights, it is advisable to keep the original packaging in which the device was delivered.


The quality guarantee covers defects in the operation of the equipment arising during the guarantee period and caused by internal causes.


The warranty covers the entire device in the condition in which it was delivered.


The warranty does not cover damage caused by external factors, in particular mechanical damage, effects of incorrect or inconsistent installation, connection or use, including effects of overvoltage and lightning. The warranty does not cover ageing and loss of appearance, in particular due to weather conditions.


The quality guarantee is voided in the event of unauthorised disassembly of the device and by carrying out repairs yourself, in particular by opening or unsealing the housing.


GREEN WALLBOX Ltd. guarantees to repair the device and to restore it to working order or to replace it with a defect-free device within 14 days of receipt.


In order to make use of the guarantee, you must notify us by sending an email to and, in accordance with the instructions received back, send the device in its original packaging or packaging that ensures that the device is not damaged in transit.


Upon receipt of a claim, GREEN WALLBOX provides free courier delivery to exercise warranty rights and sends the repaired device to the sender's address without charge.

If the device is delivered by other means, the delivery costs are not reimbursed.


In order to order a repair after the warranty period or to carry out a repair not covered by the warranty during the warranty period, GREEN WALLBOX must be notified by sending an email to and, in accordance with GREEN WALLBOX's instructions, send the device in its original packaging or packaging ensuring that the device is not damaged in transit.


Before carrying out a chargeable repair, GREEN WALLBOX will determine the cost of the repair and will await confirmation from the customer. In the event of non-confirmation of the order, the device will be returned without any charge, including charges for the use of the door - to - door service.


The warranty period is specified in months, years or months or years. The warranty period shall run from the date of receipt of the equipment by the customer and shall end on the expiry of the relevant number of months, years or months and years on the same day of the month in which the period starts.


The notification of a defect to or during the period of the quality guarantee is sufficient to exercise the resulting rights independently.


The warranty period for car chargers is no less than 24 months and is stated in the product description and on the manufacturer's (Green Wallbox) and dealer's (Getwallbox) websites.