Wallbox 2 Pro

Meet the new generation of charging stations for electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Available in Wallbox 2 Pro Slim and Wallbox 2 Pro Max variants

The art of charging. Forget clunky devices and go modern!

The Wallbox 2 Pro series stands out with its minimalist, simple design that you just want to expose!

7,4kW single-phase mode
11kW three-phase mode
22kW three-phase mode

Wallbox 2 Pro Slim

The Slim version comes with a 6 metre or 10 metre cable.

You do not need an additional cable.

We have taken care of everything for you.

Wallbox 2 Pro Max

The Max version is available with a Type 2 socket or with a 6 metre or 10 metre cable.

For the version with a socket, you will need a Type 2 cable - Type 2.

Application integration

The app allows you to manage your charging remotely. A convenient solution that you will appreciate after the first use!

Check your charging history

Set a charging schedule

Switch charging on or off

Change charging power remotely

Manage access to your device

Enable smart charging functions (option available soon)

Wallbox 2 Pro - karty NFC

Share your device!

Make your device available for use with NFC cards.

Wallbox 2 Pro - front

Play with form!

Choose a new front for your Wallbox from the three additional variants available: white, walnut, oak.

The oak and walnut variants are made of natural wood protected by oil.