PocketBox - a mobile charger for your electric car with interchangeable adapters, it can be used like a traditional wallbox in the garage but, above all, you can take it on the go thanks to its small bag. The interchangeable adapters allow you to charge your car almost anywhere in Europe. PocketBox comes with three different adapters as standard: CEE 7/7 (Schuko) (1-phase), CEE16A (3-phase) and CEE32A (3-phase). You can replace the adapters without using tools. Intelligent software automatically detects the type of adapter used to adapt its technical parameters to the power of the electrical installation in question.

The PocketBox can operate in single-phase and three-phase mode. In single-phase mode you can set the current between 1.5-7.2kW (6-32Amp) and in three-phase mode between 4-16kW (6-24Amp). This makes it a universal piece of equipment, suitable for the different types of electrical installations that are installed in every country in Europe.

max 7,2kW single phase
IP66 + IK10 immunity level
max 16kW three phase


The PocketBox has a built-in colour touchscreen that will allow you to adjust the current power, delay and charging time. This allows you to adapt the device to your current power generation source, such as a photovoltaic installation. It informs the user of the current power, delays as well as the expected charging time.

The PocketBox mobile electric car charger is equipped with a "Type A+ DC 6mA" - the device monitors operation throughout use and will stop charging when there is a problem. It informs the user that it is going into standby mode, changing the current, time settings as well as waiting to start. In addition, the display also shows a message about a malfunction or incorrect operation. The PocketBox mobile charger for electrically-powered cars is protected against the risk of damage due to intensive use.


High-quality materials. The mobile charger for the electric car complies with the ROHS directive and has been CE certified. The high-quality case is made of ABS and PC alloy and the cable is made of matt TPU. The device has a resistance level of IP66 + IK10 which means that it is weatherproof and you can also use it outdoors.

Design - recognised by specialists. The design of the device was recognised in the prestigious IF World Design Guide competition, above all for its interesting appearance and application.

PocketBox is the perfect charger for your electric car. Easy to use, and a reliable mobile charger for electric cars.