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Green Wallbox 2 Pro Max 22kW 10m - Green Wallbox image 2
Green Wallbox 2 Pro Max 22kW 10m - Green Wallbox image 1
Green Wallbox

Green Wallbox 2 Pro Max 22kW 10m

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Green Wallbox 2 Pro Max 22kW 10m

New generation of electric car and plug-in hybrid charging stations

App - The device is integrated with an app thanks to which:

  • check your charging history
  • set the schedule
  • switch charging on or off
  • change power remotely
  • you can manage access
  • enable intelligent charging functions
  • Convenient and efficient charging - this advanced charger is designed for home and commercial use. It provides fast and safe charging for your electric vehicle.
  • High quality and reliability - Green Wallbox is a reputable brand that offers products with solid construction and durability.
  • Easy integration - Green Wallbox 2 Pro Max is equipped with many additional features, such as an electricity meter, NFC and a dedicated phone app.
  • App - With the app, you can control and monitor the charging status of your vehicle via your smartphone.
  • Safety first - The Green Wallbox 2 Pro Max charger has differential current and overheating protection ensuring the protection of your vehicle.


The devices come with a standard 3-year manufacturer's warranty, which you can extend to 5 years.

  • Cable length: 10 m
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Socket / Cable Length: Type 2 socket / 6 meters, 10 meters

Warranty: 3 years door-to-door

Color: Black

Communication: Green Wallbox mobile app (Bluetooth / WiFi), NFC

Country of manufacture: Poland

Maximum power: 22kW (3-phase)

Current: 32A

Connection to mains: 1 meter cable terminated with CEE 32A plug

Manufacturer: Green Wallbox

Degree of protection: IP65

Operating temperature: from -25°C to 55°C

Input: 400 V +/- 20 V AC (3-phase), 32 A (max), 50 Hz

Output: Type 2 receptacle, Integrated cable with Type 2 plug

Overheating protection: Yes

Differential current protection: AC 30mA / DC 6mA

Recommended mounting cable: 5x6mm²

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