The GreenWallbox electric car charger is a traditional wallbox for mounting in a garage or outside, as confirmed by the IP66 waterproof rating. The GreenWallbox comes in variants suitable for single-phase or three-phase operation. In single-phase mode, it comes in 3.6kW and 7.4kW variants, and in three-phase mode in 11kW and 22kW variants. This makes it a universal piece of equipment, suitable for the different types of electrical installations that are installed in every country in Europe.

It is available in Type 2 socket or Type 2 plug variants.

The most important charging data for your car is available on the device - current power, charging time or amount of energy charged. All for you on the display.

The start-stop button is simple to operate - simply insert the plug into the car and then switch on the charge by pressing the button.

max 7,4kW single phase
IP66 immunity level
max 22kW three phase


The RFID version of the Green Wallbox means charging under control; to unlock the charge, an RFID card must be inserted into the device.

The Wallbox has a 6 metre cable terminated with a Type 2 plug. You don't have to worry about compatibility - this is a European standard and even if you change cars in the future - the Wallbox will also charge them.

You will receive the Green Wallbox with a CEE plug attached - this means that if you already have a power socket in your garage, you can easily do the installation yourself. All you need to do is mount the unit on the wall and plug it into the socket.


The Green Wallbox 22kW Type 2 version will allow you to set the maximum charging power according to your preferences. You can match the charging power to the current production from your photovoltaic installation or reduce the charging power when your connection is less than 22kW.

You make the change via a button on the side of the unit - select the charging power before plugging the plug into the car:

Rated: 10A / 16A / 20A / 24A / 32A

What corresponds to power:

1-phase: 2,3kW / 3,7kW / 4,6kW / 5,6kW / 7,4kW

2-phase: 4,6kW / 7,4kW

3-phase: 6,9kW / 11kW / 13,8kW / 16,5kW / 22kW