GreenWallbox Smart

Green Wallbox Smart in a 22kW or 11kW version with Type 2 cable -this is in-app charging control.

The Green Wallbox Smart 22kW has the ability to control the charging process using a mobile app. You can change the charging power, delay the start and view previous charging sessions (app support via Bluetooth or WiFi)

Automatic start-stop. With the GreenWallbox Smart, charging starts automatically or remotely via the app. Just as you prefer.

It has a 4 metre cable terminated with a Type 2 plug. You don't have to worry about compatibility - it's a European standard and even if you change cars in the future - the Wallbox will charge it.

You will receive the Green Wallbox Smart with a CEE plug attached - this means that if you already have a power socket in your garage you can easily do the installation yourself. Simply mount the device on the wall and plug it into the socket.

Residual current protection Type A / Type A+6MA DC

max 11kW three phase mode
IP66 immunity class
max 22kW three phase level

GreenWallbox Smart

In operating the Green Wallbox Smart, the dedicated Teison Me app can prove useful:

• Charging station configuration, including adjustment of charging power.

• Remote start and stop of charging sessions.

• Set a charging schedule - so you can charge your car during the night tariff.

• Current view of the loading session

• Reports from previous charging sessions to help control billing

The Teison Me app is available on the App Store and Google Play.